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Qwiki the clerk

Qwiki wants to be white lightning on the grid but at the moment he's packing shelves with Nutri-Soy Wylde Caribbean flavoured squeeze packs, VatRat Urban Burgers and spiked dog collars in local gang colours. That's right, despite his adventures in hi-fi Qwiki is still a checkout-chum-floor-cleaning-code-bleeping clerk, and a damn good one, at his Uncles Stuffer-Shaq, "Have a Gutfull", named after the"Gutfull Curry" which has caused some to flee in panic, some to come back again and again. He relies on the job for clothes and food though recently he's negotiated peace deals between the local gang (Razboyz) and the police; "cut-price" nutri-soy and donuts included of course. The money saved on smashed macroplas alone has allowed him to create new breakable shop-front displays which he hopes will attract more customers. Hes even invested in some riot-proof acid-rain resistant tables and chairs with UV+ umbrellas so that people can sit in the dangerous streets while enjoying their FunctionFood (tm). Perhaps his most ambitious business project, though not a recent one, is the distribution network he is working on for small- scale local shops which he hopes will cut delivery costs. 

The kudos and cash his first few runs have garnered him are naturally being invested in his deck, (although his girl Hopi also gets a few more of those vat-grown roses) which has grown from a Sony CCD4 into a Powerhouse Fuchi-6, except the for his lucky CCD4 case which was a gift from Hopi. With the new- found power he wields he can cruise the local libraries, outwit the librarians and leave without a trace! 

His mysterious virtual contact, Quagmire(dt) has continued to feed him useful assignments often paying him in software and lessons. He has also become a much better shot with his trusty Roomsweeper, having obtained a license to carry it on the streets during the violence which has just passed. He even attended a safety course and joined the police skeet shooting club. 

All the fun with guns, customers, shop displays and speed shortcut-keys games for the Fuchi-6 operating system have left him in need of some real action, though his girl Hopi makes up for the unexcitement of everyday life. 

His parents live in Bangladesh... Bengal in 2020, and that they sent him to the USA to help his uncle and make lots of money..... 


Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
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