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The Hook 

Ever felt there was something more to life than the daily grind? Ever wished that there was some higher purpose? A meaning to life? Well maybe if you had time to sit back and look around you could find that reason to rejoice in existence but right now you are either struggling to survive in the Grimm's ngihtmare of Shadowruns' street or you're preening for promotion in some equally twisted corporate-Disney dream.

So why not fo yourself a favor and take this job, you might not save the world but you might just save your self!

A shadowrun game for any and all archetypes who are willing to extend the boundaries of the Shadowrun Universe. (top

The Scene

You have been requested to attend the offices of a large DownTown law firm. In deference to the lifestyles some of you lead, the meeting has been called for 11pm. You have all recieved a small, yet substantial enticement to attend, some recieving an envelope containing worn but usable bills, others promises of help with outstanding legal matters and at least one of you, a years subscription to a private thaumatics journal. The combination of meet location, 'gifts' and promise of a valuable new contact has led you to the alley beside the Kessler Building where a "suit" and two "beefs" are leading you to a service entrance... (top

Game Information

Transcendance is set in Seattle in a magic heavy SR2 universe. From there however things will be taken where ever they feel like going, and they feel like going a long way :) 

This game is hosted by The Cybernetic Rogues (TCR) at and you must join their low volume mailing list to play. This list only promotes and updates you on PBEMs from TCR and averages only 1 message a day or less. You can join via the TCR website, via the egroups website or ask me to sign you up. The best option is to join via the egroups website as then you can get a username and password with them and edit your own profile etc and read the group on the web. This is also the best option because we will use an eGroup to run this PBEM when it gets going, much simpler than a CC list to maintain.

Like most GMs I guess, I hope that the game will progress fairly quickly with postings from players at least a couple of times a week. I will reward good roleplaying (and frequent posting) but at the same time don't want to end up spending weeks of real time setting each and every scene with endless 'posing' dialogue. To this end my descriptions will be brief so that it will be left to characters investigations (and your OOC questions) to reveal the details.  (top

Character and Creation Rules

You may create a new character using the rules below or submit an existing character who preferably has 25 or less karma.

You may use any SR rules system you want to create a new character but we will be starting the game in 2nd Edn mode so you may well get your character modified if you submit it from 3rd Edn! This is simply because I don't own 3rd Edn. I am being very free with the character (and creation) rules for the simple reason that the words you type will have much more effect in this game than the numbers on your sheet. Strange powers are of course useful but only if you think of ingenious ways to use them, or rather, more ingenious ways than me :)

I will accept virtually any non-Munchkin(*) character for this 'run with the Big caveat that I will negotiate with players to change things to suit the games theme, which can mean Adding things as well as taking away any stupidly large guns :)

A detailed background is essential and will improve your enjoyment and my GMing. (top

Character Creation Rules 

  1. All players Must submit a background for their characters. This background must include whether the character is a SINner or SINless. Their criminal history, contacts information, lifestyle, family etc etc ***Please also include a paragraph about your characters "religious" beliefs or lack of them including how your character feels about other religions and beliefs. 
  2. Use the  languages rules as explained below. 
  3. All Metahumans can  be assigned as a D priority!
  4. Characters are entitled to 4 points for a hobby skill. These points may be concentrated if you wish. This must be a real hobby (chess, painting, trideo trivia, etc.)-- no combat skills. 
  5. Starting characters may initiate and bond foci etc using force points. (NB you initiate into 2nd Edn level 0 first)
  6. 'Edges & Flaws'. Your edges and flaws must be balanced or negative.
  7. Gear from any of the source books with the following restrictions: No security or military grade gear without approval of the GM. Approval will require a good reason for you to have the gear based on your history and current situation. It will also require the appropriate contacts. 
  8. As far as character growth, characters may only improve their attributes with karma to a maximum of 2 higher than their starting attribute. This does not, however, prevent them from using cyberware, bioware, or magic from improving their attributes. Skill growth is limited only by karma cost.
  9. When you submit your character, please tell me what rule system you used and list the Priorities you chose near the top of the sheet. In other words, tell me Priority A is Magic, Priority B is Attributes (24 points), Priority C is Skills (24 points), etc. Or list the points assigned to each resource and spent on spells or whatever, as well as edges and flaws.

Resource Material Notes

I only own 2nd Edn books and rules so expect me use them in preference to any 3rd Edn material. However I also have checked out heaps of online house rules and net-books so I am also willing to accept appropriately referenced net-material (if you do, provide me with an URL or link to check it out myself. But please do not use your own house rules, this is MY house :) (top

Language Rulz

Here are the language rules in a nutshell: All player characters speak their native language at a rating of their Intelligence+2. So, a character with a 4 Intelligence will speak his native language at 6. As in 3rd Edn characters can only Read/Write at half their speaking skill unless they have one of the higher education Edges or a teacher contact and suitable background explanation etc.

Since the game starts in Seattle in the UCAS, the most common native language is English, but that does not mean your character is a native English speaker.

All PCs get a number of points equal to their Intelligence+2 to spend on foreign languages. So, a PC with an Intelligence of 4 may spend 6 points on foreign language skills. They automatically get Read/Write at half that rating rounded down.

Just as a point of reference, since the average Intelligence is 3 and since all characters start with an Native Language skill of Int +2, that means that the average person speaks his native language with a skill of 5 and that is the level at which I define fluency in a foreign language.

You may, of course, spend additional points at character creation or later with karma to improve any language skill if you so desire.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask:

Thanks to Charybdis Greydragon for large parts of the text of the message including the language rules.


* = I leave the definition up to you so send it in and we'll see but be prepared for rejection or mutation if it is extreme. 


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