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Shadowrun DataKore: NPC data

These are the major NPCs in the Transcendance PBEM campaign. All the descriptions listed below are for record keeping purposes, the other links are the players character pages where they will keep more information about "their" own NPCs such as contacts and family etc. Copyright is inherent in the original authors work.


Hopi Vanidol
Jimbos' Family Jentz
Hemlock TrogBoyz
Joel Fordham dt
Silent Bob Mazzy
Anaximander Qzeotl Hernandez 

Hopi a docwagon ER nurse and Qwiki's girlfriend, doesn't necessarily approve of Qwiki's new "hobbies" but sees them as a step up from being a Stuffer Shaq slob. She is responsible for introducing the PCs to Van the fixer whom she buys hardcopy Euro-Fashion mags from.

Joel Fordham a detective hired by Haz's parents (Rich Texans) to find him after the characters claim that he has been kidnapped by an Aztech art-dealer. He is currently undercover in Atzlan territory continuing his mission, starting with his attendance at an Aztech party the PCs managed to buy an invite for (from Van).

Jentz, the Razboys leader whom Piert befriended after the initial Raz-Trogz gunfight in which a young gang member died. He liases with the PCs regularly to swap information and plan the "defense" of the neighbourhood from the Trog Boyz. Recently this defense has taken on a distinctly offensive nature as it becomes clear that the Trogz are playing for keeps and working to a larger plan.

Hemlock, Mage Lieutenant of the Razboyz one kick ass mage for a street urchin, he makes no secret of the fact that he is leary of the PCs and distrusts them, yet he always attends when Jentz meets with them, he is always hovering in the background. 

Trogboyz are a large gang consisiting almost solely of orks and trolls. They previously claimed several abandoned warehouses and a light industrial area to the south of the pcs home burb as their turf. They are long time enemeies of the razboys. Recently they started a turf war apparently with the intention of extending their control into the pcs burb, they came armed with new looking heavy weaponry, submachine guns and even a few ARs. Following a successful defense of their HQ from the pcs/razboyz pre-emptive strike they have completely vanished as far as the pcs and the 'star are concerned. 

Jimbo's family commitments seem destined to keep him a minor player in the unfolding events but he is still a useful "buddy" to the pcs. He lives in a cheap apartment block relatively near qwiki's store with his wife and three kids (a 11 yr old girl and 9 year old twin boys). He drives trucks for Nutri-Vat, the company that makes all those yummy Stuffer Shaq Snaks (tm). He was the first to suspect Yak involvement in the linked events of gang war and trucking company takeover attempt. 

dt is the name Qwiki's matrix contact gives himself. dt is some kind of shit hot decker who acts as some kind of virtual Jonson cum Fixer. He has given Qwiki some good leads and even better software, in return Qwiki and his friends have performed several "odd jobs" for dt. One of which, a simple pick up and delivery from a disused rail station, ended up with their discovery of a underground path from CAS to Atzlan territory. His matrix persona is an ultrarealisticly rendered Bogart clone complete with smoldering cigarette, he signs all text communications "cognito ergo sum". 

Vanidols is a very slick middle aged man of Mediterranean descent. THe pcs have found out from Hopi that he is a blackmarket dealer in cut price luxury imports although they suspect he is much more than that. He gave them information that lead them to suspect that the Atzlaner art dealer who bought all of Haz's works may have organised his kidnapping. He also buys from them the tunnel map for the border crossing and in part payment gets them the invitation to the Aztech art festival opening which Joel Fordham uses to go undercover in enemy territory. He is a relatively friendly guy if dealt with honorably, and more than slightly sleazy. He makes no secret of the fact that he is upset about the manner of Haz's dissapearence. 

Anaximander Qzeotl Hernandez the pcs know little of her except that she is the Aztech art dealer who bought all of Haz's works and may have organised his kidnapping,although after seeing this very attractive hispanic ladys' photo, taken off Van's security camera, Jimbo forms the theory that it may well have been a voluntary 'extraction' by the Dwarf. 

Silent Bob is a funny guy for a bartender/owner, he runs the "Rainbow Connection" a somewhat anachronistic tourist attraction cum local watering hole that also serves good value counter meals. The bar was originally aimed at the yuppie market when this part of Denver looked set to become a rich burbclave. when the recession hit 10 years ago and the area went downmarket the owners concreted the place shut to keep out squatters and left. 5 years ago a guy moves into the flat above the bar and starts refurbishing. He introduces himself, almost monosyllabically, to anyone who asks as "Bob" and claims he is the new owner. A short time later several trucks are seen delivering large quantities of boxes. One week later the new holosign out front blinks to life and the bar opens for business without any fuss whatsoever. The locals enter to find an inviting looking bar with comfy neo-velvet seats arranged in small alcoves and groups around a main bar. Just when they are getting used to the newly nicknamed "silent bob" they freak when the curtains on the small stage are raised to reveal Kermit the Frog and Friends singing a meddly of catchy tunes from the past ten years. After the bizare hour long show Bob looks around the room and asks "So what dya think?", everyone laughs and bob smiles and starts up his robotic orchestra again.
The bar prospered under local patronage as well as becoming a minor tourist attraction for its nightly dinner time shows. There are also happy hours wednesdays and fridays which brings in many students from the local fine-arts college. 

mazzy troll bouncer at the Rainbow Connection, has thrown out all of the pcs at some stage but still maintains a friendsip with all of the regular patrons. He lives with Silent Bob, the owner, above the bar. 


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