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Part 1 : The Meet 

Black, White, Grey and Smith
The law firm which hired the team on behalf of the Estate of Mr B

Mr and Mrs Bongarzone
Widow and deceased. Mr B left much unfinifhed business (below) which the team 
is to finish.

"Smiling" Tony Genaro (ltg/cell#, club/bar address) owes Y240 000 for
"Services Rendered, Brokering and that night in ChinaTown"

Gentle Jones (home=business address) owes Y42 000 for "delivery of
pharmeceutical products and lab equipment" also see Deals:#2 below

Father George McAdams (ltg/cell#, address home and church, photo of him with
a man and a woman) owes Y10 000 for "reasons only the two of us know" and debt
is to be cancelled without Mrs B's knowledge. Also the Father should be asked to
pray for the Bongarzone's well-being.

Al "twisty" Fioretti (street address, old cell#) owed Y160 000 for "services
and goods"

Tyson Mike Lee (details of a payment system involving cred stiks left as tips
in a dry-cleaners, Lee has Mr B's cell#) owed Y5 000 on a weekly basis for
"keeping his yap shut", last weeks payment overdue, this weeks due. Needs
resolution due to Mr B no longer needing his services for obvious reasons.

Mr Jonson expects a crate of small arms. The meet is set for Thursday week,
9pm in the skaterink on Gladestone and Retlin Streets. You have an ltg/cell
number of a possible supplier. Mr Jonson has agreed to pay 10,000 per arm. 

Another shipment of pharmacy products has been organsied from Mr Jonson2
(cell number/contact name/restaurant address) for Gentle Jones. If Jones can pay
the above debt then organsise the shipment otherwise organise to cancel the
shipment. Charge Jones Y50 000, should pay no more than Y20 000 for goods plus



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