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Shadowrun DataKore: 'Runners

Notes: The pcs are listed in the following groups: 

Transcend are the pcs from my current PBEM: Transcendance.
'Kore 'Runners are mine own creations varying from low level neophytes to retired Hardmen to current stars of the shadows. 
Denver are some pcs from one of my old campaigns, a Denver-based low level SR2 campaign.

Credits: many of the 'runners here were created by and belong to players of said games and should be credited/contacted as noted on their pcs' pages. 

Most profiles include histories, stats and other comments. Feel free to borrow ideas and even whole characters for use but please let the creator know or include a link to the DataKore

'Kore 'Runners 

...a very combative decker with a compelling background
Reality Jones
.....son of a Tobagan MetaJuana farmer become career Merc
....a hunter with some bad habits and dark secrets
Julio / ICU
...conspiracy theorist in the city of bugs!..
Julio the Younger
...younger, less paranoid and devoid of bugs...


Padre . up the SINful streets, absolution with style
a Decker/Store Clerk (with stats)
Father Piert 
a Street Priest (with stats)
Doc Jones 
BOOM! hehehehe (with stats)
Jimmy Hoeke
Gang Shaman (with stats)
Harry "the Hun" Morten
Dwarven artificer of the finer-arts 


Moon Druid Adept and all round animal (lover) 
Smooth Talking Mystery Elf number 1 
Larry Elco
Conjuring Adept and Street Wiz 
Dogsbody Detective 
Street Shaman and Smelly Boy 
Combat Photographer 
Two Metal Arms...need I say more?
Who, oh him, yeah he um, something magic i think...

yrs, nghtchld

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