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PBEM: General FAQ 

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** Posting guidelines **
Players should post within 4 days of the last posting by the GM. If you are continually lax in posting and have to constantly be reminded to keep upwith the game I will ask that you resign your position in the game. Also please note that a person who has not posted in 8-10 days, posting a 2 lineresponse and then not posting again for another two weeks does not count as keeping up with the game. If you have that little time to spare the play,you really should resign from the game. Generally my games are very laid back, meaning I do not nag constantly at the players to post because I expect the same grace in return, however I do have my limits. I do understand that occasionally, life happens, and you may not be able to post. This is both reasonable and understandable. If you have to be away from the game for various real life issues, please post me a message letting me knowthis in advance, so that I can run your character as an NPC.

** Dice mechanics **
Generally, I use dice as little as possible. However there are times when they are required, for those times I will either simply ask you how you would like to make your roll and roll the dice myself accordingly. 

** Message formatting **
For good gameplay I have some rules on how msgs should be formatted, failure to adhere to these guidelines will get you rudely insulted very quickly, as the rules are simple:

1) NO Messages with HTML encoding-- eGroup List Groups Msg should be plain text format (even though eGroups supports HTML encoding). If eGroups -is- sending you HTML encoded msgs and you wouldlike to change it to 'Plain text' got to 'My Space' on eGroups and hit 'User Info', from there you can change your message delivery defaults or ask me and i will change it for you..

2) All 'Out Of Character' comments must be prefixed with "OOC:"

Example --
OOC: Dave, that was an excellent comment on your characters part, do you think he will live through the fight that is going to come from it?

3) Label your comments with your Characters name, eg [Munchkin], so that people will be able to identify who is performing an action or making a statement.

Example --
[BladeBoy] I draw my pistol and shoot Dave in the leg for being a real wise ass.

4) Quote the section of the message you are replying to and snip the parts you are not. In other words, if your are replying to a message that is ten paragraphs long but are only commenting or reacting to the last paragraph, --only-- quote the last paragraph in your reply.

5) Please put mechanics requests in either OOC: comments or make it clear some other way that you want a ruling or a rolling :) and include any information relevant to the roll such as how you are performing your dice roll, the skill used, any modifiers you might have.

Example -- -- in Shadowrun might look like this --

[BladeBoy] I draw my pistol and shoot Dave in the leg for being a real wise ass. 
(( Pistols Skill 4 / Pool 6 / Total 10 / +2 for vision mods ))


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