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Transcendance: Dr Lightning BG

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Name : Hirabashi Jiro  ( Hirabashi being the surname, Jiro the given 
name ) (en. Hirabashi = flat bridge, Jiro = secondborn )
Handle : Hoshigawa (en. - star river )
Gender and Race : Male Human  ( 3/4 Japanese, 1/4th Chinese )
Eyes : Dark brown
Hair : Black
Age : -would prefer to fit in with the rest of the group, let me know 
the age category the other players choose-
Height : 5'2"
Religion : Shinto
SIN or SINless: Does have a valid SIN
Beginning with 123 points

Race       :  Human             Allocation of points:  0
 Reason - This cultural background just works best on a human.

Magic      :  Full Magician     Allocation of points: 30
 Reason - Personal preference to play this character.

Attributes :  30 points         Allocation of points: 60
 Reason - Character background calls for a strong mind
          and body, relying on oneself rather than on
          technological external tools. Since the same
          background also suggests a limited number of
          skills and little call for resources, I felt
          it right to channel most points here.

Skills     :  28 points         Allocation of points: 28
 Reason - A comparatively low number of points for skills,
          because those skills the character does have are
          among the most demanding, so she would have
          little time to learn others.

Resources  :  20,000 nY         Allocation of points:  5
 Reason - Not a lot of money, to reflect that this
          background focusses not on worldly possession,
          yet enough to afford appropriate style for the


Optional edges and flaws:

 Pacifist                 (-2)
 Distinctive style        (-1)
 Friendly face            (+1)
 Spirit Affinity          (+2) Sylphs (Spirit of the Elements)



The Wu-Jen mage works with the oriental concepts of the
five stems of Wuxing (wood, fire, earth, metal, water),
chi (life force or mana) and yin/yang (polarities).
As these require more complex understanding of magical
working than shamans require who are guided by their
totems, yet come with less fixed formulae than the
hermetics have to resort to, high mental attributes
seem the best choice.
Furthermore, the physical exercise that goes with the
style focusses on flowing movement, so from the physical
attributes Quickness comes first, then Body, and
Strength is least emphasized.

BOD   4     INT   6     ESS   6
QCK   6     CHA   6     MAG   6
STR   2     WIL   6     REA   6


Skills and knowledges

 Active skills* ( 28 points + 4 only on hobbies )
   Conjuring        : 6 ( maxed )
   Sorcery          : 6 ( maxed )
   Enchanting       : 6 ( maxed )
   Etiquette        : 4
   Athletics        : 3
   Negotiation      : 3

   Ink-painting     : 4 ( hobby bonus points )

 * notice that no combat skill is listed. This is not
   so much because of the character's pacifist
   attitude, but because physical conflict is considered
   inappropriate and magical defenses are preferred

 Knowledge skills ( 30 points )
  Class: Academic
   Spell Design     : 6  ( based on INT, spent 6 points )
   Feng-lung        : 4  ( spent 4 points )
  Class: Background
   Conjuring        : 6  ( free at 3 below Conjuring active skill, spent 3
point to increase to 6 )
   Sorcery          : 3  ( free at 3 below Sorcery active skill )
   Talismongering   : 6  ( free at 3 below Enchanting active skill, spent 3
points to increase to 6 )
   Etiquette        : 1  ( free at 3 below Etiquette active skill )
   Ink-painting     : 1  ( free at 3 below Ink-painting active skill )
  Class: Interests
   Religion, Shinto : 4  ( spent 4 points )
  Class: Street
   Japanese mages   : 2  ( spent 2 points )
  Class: 6th World
   Astral plane     : 3  ( spent 3 points )
   Spirits          : 5  ( spent 5 points )

 Language skills ( native + 8 points )
  Japanese          : 8 ( native )
    writing         : 4 ( half of spoken skill )
  English           : 6
    writing         : 3 ( half of spoken skill )
  Sperethiel        : 2
    writing         : 1 ( half of spoken skill )


Resources ( Y 20,000 )

 Lifestyle: (covered under 'Magical Group Membership')
 Magical Group Membership: Member of the House of Five
   Stars, dues are 1,000 Nuyen per month, and three
   months are paid up ahead. A full group description
   is included in a seperate file. Total: 3,000 Nuyen

 Wardrobe: 2,500 Nuyen. Five sets of Fine clothing,
   which is all that the wardrobe size will allow for.
   This includes one outdoors set, one set of 'fancy'
   clothing for outside social occasion, one set for
   'street' use, one for 'corporate' visits and one
   for no specific purpose.
   This does not include the outfits which are
   supplied by the House of Five Stars.

 Enchanting Kit: 10,000 Nuyen. Something the character
   is quite careful about, these tools are personal
   property so that they can be taken along from the
   premises in order to do ritual or talismongering
   work 'in the field'.

 Contact upkeep: 1,000 Nuyen. This amount has already
   been set aside for the annual upkeep on the two
   contacts. How it will be spent on them remains to
   be agreed on.

 Bo staff: 250 Nuyen. Two meters of straight hardened
   wood to make any character seem less vulnerable.
   While the character does not have any combat skill
   to swing this staff at anyone with much effect, it
   certainly does make a nifty tool for numerous
   situations. This one is custom made, providing good
   grip both with one or two hands, internal structural
   reinforcement against breaking and given a nicely
   decorative finish with inlayed metal and lacquer.
   (hence five times normal costs)

 Pocket Secretary: 2,000 Nuyen. You didn't really
   think I was going without electronics, did you ;)

 18750 spent, 1250 to go.

Magical abilities and style

I can define these if you like, but maybe it would be
more fun to see my style of play emerge as play is in
progress? Please get back to me on this one.


I am still working on the list of pre-learned spells.


This Wu-Jen is capable of the following types of spirtis:

 Watcher Spirits  ( As anyone with conjuring skill can )
 Spirits of the elements  ( Do not confuse with Elementals )
 Ancestor spirits  ( Special rules apply to summoning )
 Hearth Spirits  ( But no other Spirits of Man )


Dice Pools

 Karma Pool          : 1 di(c)e

 Combat Pool         : 9 di(c)e

 Spell Pool          : 6 di(c)e

 Astral Combat Pool  : 9 di(c)e

 Control Pool        : None, not a rigger

 Hacking Pool        : None, not a decker


Contacts and Enemies

Contacts  :
 Level 1 contacts:

  Monsigneur Bernard - Professional talismonger.
    Shaman of the Prairie Dog totem, located (usually) in
    the Snohomish district. Interesting sense of humor.
    Speaks both english and french fluently.

  Lizette Cartwright - Wuxing Inc. employee.
    Lower echelon secretary in Magics division, located
    with Wuxing North America, Roosevelt Way and 50th
    street, Downtown district. Disappointed with career
    perspectives for women in other Wuxing divisions.
    Real tough negotiator, but fair and can be trusted
    to not back out of a made deal.

 Level 2 contacts:
 Level 3 contacts:

Enemies   :
 OOC - The character's starting funds of 20,000 suggest
       to begin play with one enemy at rating 1. Use as
       you feel appropriate.

 Suggested characteristics for rating 1 enemy:
  power      : 1
  motivation : 1
  knowledge  : 2



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