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Transcendance: Alice

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Alice version 2
- Shadowrun 3rd Ed
- Email Character Sheet
- Version: 2.0

Player Name: Gregory McIntyre
Player Email:
Game Name: Transendence
GM Name: nghtchld
GM E-Mail:

Start Date: January 2001

- Points/Priorities
Priority: (Value / Amount)

Attributes: 25 / 50
Skills: 30 / 30
Race: Human / 0
Resources: 90,000 / 10
Magic: Aspected (Full, Dove Shaman) / 30
Edges: Bonus Attribute Point (Charisma) / 2,
Good Reputation / 2,
Friendly Face / 1
Flaws: Incompetence (Sorcery) / -2,
Incompetence (Conjuring) / -2,
Pacifist / -2,
TOTAL / -6

- General Information Section

Name: Alice Porter
Street Name: Alice, Al to close friends
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human
Metatype: -
Build: Teenage girl, weak but attractive, healthy weight (BMI 22)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 54 kg
Hair: Dark brown, 1/2 tied back in a pony-tail with a bright red ribbon ala
Himechan, and the rest left in a bob. Clean and neatly combed.
Eyes: Dark brown, with a sparkle in them ;)
Predominant Hand: Right

Starting Cash: 3,379 + 3d6 x 100

- SIN Section:
Sin: (Legal/Illegal & Information)

Yes, Alice owns a legal SIN. She has not committed any heinous crimes, and
comes from a wealthy family.

- Stats Section:
Stat: (Natural Rating / Modified Rating)

(25 points)

Body: 2
Strength: 2
Quickness: 4
Intelligence: 5
Charisma: 7
Willpower: 6

Essence: 6.0
Body Index:
Reaction: 4
Initiative: 4 + 1d6

Decking Reaction: -
Decking Initiative: -

Astral Reaction: 24
Astral Initiative: 24 + 1d6
Initiate Grade: -

Rigging Reaction: -
Rigging Initiative: -

- Dice Pools & Karma:

Good Karma: 9
Spent Karma: 0
Karma Pool: 2

Combat Pool: 7
Magic Pool: 5
Astral Pool: 9
Rigging Pool: -
Decking Pool: -
Task Pool (specify): -
Task Pool (specify): -

- Edges Section:
Edge: (Description)

Bonus Attribute Point, Charisma (Alice is always cheerful, polite,
generous, benevolent, etc. She is also a very attractive young girl.)

Good Reputation (Alice has a good reputation with various regulars in bars
and night-clubs she used to frequent with some of the members of a go-gang.
Many of these establishments are under Mafia influence. Because she has not
visited for a while, they will be curious and happy to see her again.)

Friendly Face (Alice is always benevolent, always finding some excuse even
if somebody wrongs her. She approaches every new stranger as a potential

- Flaws Section:

Incompetence, Sorcery (Alice has only just recently become magically
active. She is still confused and scared about this. She is unpractised in
the magical arts, but she has managed to repeat a few spells with not 100%
success. She hopes to become competent one day.)

Incompetence, Conujuring (Same as above.)

Pacifist (At the mere hint of violence, in thought or action, Alice will
object, but she rarely runs away from a situation. She does everything in
her power to bring peace to any conflict she observes.)

- Cyberware Section:
Item: (Description)

(>) No way, man! I knew this guy once, they declared him clinically dead.
He had wires coming out of his nose! I looked him in the eye, and it
freaked me out. He wasn't dead. I think they buried him anyway.
(>) Al

- BioWare Section:
Item: (Description)

(>) They're not bringing that stuff near me, uh uh. I got it all right here
anyway, *laugh*
(>) Al

- Languages
Language (Rating) R/W: (Rating/Rating)
\ Lingo (Rating) R/W: (Rating/Rating)

English (6) R/W: (3)
Italian (4) R/W: (2)
Cityspeak (3) R/W: -
Japanese (2) R/W: (1)

(>) I could never write an essay that got full marks. Mrs Flarghty always
marked me down 'cause her husband beat her up and she was a miserable bitch.
(>) Al

* NOTE: This is using a different system than normal. Int + 2 in native
language, and Int + 2 to spend on other languages.

- Knowledge Skills:
- General Skill: (Rating)
\ Specialization: (Rating)

* Street Skills

- Gang Id (Seattle): 3
- Mafia Street Contacts (Seattle): 3
- Bars and Nightclubs (Seattle): 5
- Waitressing/Retail: 3

* Academic Skills

- Forging Signatures: 1
\ Forging Mr and Mrs Porter's Signatures: 3

* Sixth World Skills

* Background Skills

* Interests Skills

- Fashion: 4
- Pop Music: 4

- Active Skills:
- General Skill: (Rating)
\ Specialization: (Rating)

* Magical Skills
- Sorcery (Will): 2
- Conjuring (Cha): 1

* Physical Skills
- Stealth (Qu): 4
\ Sneaking: 5

* Social Skills
- Etiquette (Cha): 5
\ Street: 7
- Leadership (Cha): 5
\ Morale: 7
- Negotiation (Cha): 5
\ Diplomacy: 7
- Singing (Cha): 3

* Technical Skills
- Biotech (Int): 1
\ First Aid: 3

* Vehicle Skills
- Bike (Reaction): 2
\ Yamaha Rapier: 4

- Weapons Section:
- Item: (Notes & Modifications)
\ Accessory Item & Notes

(>) You know, it's been shown that most shootings happen to people who own
or carry firearms. I read it in some magazine in a waiting room once,
(>) Al

- Basic Gear Section:
- Item: (Notes & Modifications)
\ Accessory Item & Notes

- Tres Chic Clothing
- Ordinary Clothing x 10
- Fine Clothing x 2
- Real Leather Jacket (2/1)

- Pocket Flashlight

- Video Playback Unit w. Screen and 25 Video Disks (popular culture)
- Music Playback Unit w. 50 Music Disks (pop music)

(>) I love Lo/Rez, and the Beatlicks are kind of funky. I never got into
Simsense though. That stuff's for perverts.
(>) Al

- Vehicles & Drones Section:
- Vehicle/Drone (Notes & Modifications)
\ Accessory Item & Notes

- Yamaha Rapier (Something Alice picked up when she started hanging out
with go-gangs. It's her main form of transport, and it's also super cool.
It's a small model, to accommodate for her small frame, and it has a big
red smiley face painted on the side of the fuel tank. She doesn't ride it
over the speed limit or anything, it's more for show.)

- Dodge Scoot (Something Alice uses when she wants to go down to the
local shops for groceries. It's easier to find a parking spot.)

- Decks/Rigs & Programs Section:
- Deck/Rig (Notes & Modifications)
\ Accessory Item & Notes

(>) What? You think I'm some kind of geek?
(>) Al

- Spells & Magical Items Section:
- Item/Spell (Notes & Descriptions)

- Detect Enemies 2
- Detect Individual 1
- Detect Life 1
- Clairaudience 2
- Clairvoyance 2

- Stabilise 2
- Treat 2
- Heal 2
- Healthy Glow 1
- Increase Charisma 2
- Diagnose 2

- Entertainment 2
- Mask 2

- Influence 2

- Contacts Section:
- Contact: (Notes & Background)

- Vinnie (Level 1. Bartender. Vinnie knows Alice as a young girl who
pops by with her go-gang friends when they come on business. She stays
outside when he needs to discuss business with them. When he comes back out
of the private room at the back, he always finds her chatting to some
patron of his bar. He enjoys her company and has on occasion exhibited
concern for her wellbeing and safety. He is 'family'.)

- Edmundo (Level 1. Bouncer at Mafia-run Nightclub. Big Eddy mans the
door at a nightclub in family territory. He keeps an eye out for Alice and
seems to be constantly worrying about her.)

- Neith (Level 2. Gang member. Neith was the go-gang member Alice pulled
back from the brink. He is a stubborn young man who believes that not
living on the edge is not living. He has been involved in numerous crimes
for money, and in his spare time joy-rides like any self-respecting
go-ganger. He enjoyed hanging around with Alice perhaps more than she

- Guyhurst (Level 1. Gang member. Guyhurst was Alice's other friend from
the go-gang. A more stolid and older man, a staying force in the often
excitable go-go-gang. An seasoned rigger with lightning reflexes. Gang
members, particularly Neith and Alice, would often try to surprise him for
a laugh, with no success.)

- Seth (Level 1. Smuggler. A year ago Seth had dealings with the
Finnigans. The go-gang Alice was in scoped him out for them and after that
for many months he was a common face around a downtown cafe where the
smuggling operation was working from. Alice got to know the stubbly smoky
man after striking up a conversation with him while waiting for Guyhurst in
the cafe. He admired Alice's vibrant approach to life, as it was so
different from his own, and told her if she ever wanted anything she
couldn't buy at the mall, she should ask him ;])

- Kate (Level 2. Gang member. Back in high school Alice made lots of
friends, but her best friend was Kate. They were inseparable for a long
time. Kate got involved with a shady guy who beat her and mistreating her.
She ran, and drifted for a bit, and ended up in a go-gang, and working
part-time in an up-town cafe, frequented by corporate types, where she
helped Alice get a job after her coma. She is Alice's friend and work-mate,
although she is mundane and probably not going anywhere soon. She hasn't
told anybody else about Alice's return to the world of the living just yet.)

- Lifestyles Section:
- Lifestyle: (Notes & Details)

- Low (A dull little cramped apartment, paid up for 6 months on money
left over from her days with wealthy parents.)

- Character Personal Information Section:

Physical Profile:
(What you look like, manor of dress etc)

You have to suspend your disbelief that this short young girl could work in
the shadows. She has the dark hair and eyes for it, but everything else,
her manner, her clothes, are entirely too cheerful for a shadowrunner.

Her dark hair is cut above her shoulders, and some of it is tied back in a
bow with a bright red ribbon. She's wearing white socks rolled down on her
black lace-ups, black cotton cargo pants, a T-shirt with giant horizontal
red and white stripes, covered not terribly convincingly with a black
leather jacket (it's too short for her, doesn't even reach her waist),
buttons and cufflinks undone. She looks like she should be down at the mall
with her friends, talking about boys and smoking cigarettes. She carries
the whole outfit off very well, and appears attractive and spritely.

She carries herself with confidence, and it makes you wonder if she isn't
going to metamorph into a giant ugly troll any moment. Oh wait, that's just
your disbelief again.


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