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CV / Resume

Sebastian "Jimmy" Hoeke

Created by Stackers



Character Record Sheet
Street Name
Real Name
Sebastian Hoeke
Human, Korean
Age (2057)

Description: 5'8" ( cm), small wiry build, black wispy hair. Light scarring on face/arms/chest. Missing top quarter of right ear, half of right pinkie and one blue one grey eye. 

Demeanor: Frequent ineffectual brawler, generally relies on the might of others. 

History: Jimmy grew up on the tough streets of Denver. Jimmy joined the razboyz early on in life where he survived by being smart and staying out of trouble.

During a robbery Jimmy fell from his lookout on a roof to the hard concrete floor two stories below. Suffering a severe concussion Jimmy was rescued by an unknown person, his wounds dressed/healed. During that fitfull unconsiousness time Jimmy dreamed dreams of power. It was during these dreams that Jimmy met Alley Cat, who whispered words of power and comforted Jimmy during the long night. Jimmy woke the next morning, alone and cold, benefecator nowhere to be found. But Jimmy wasn't afraid, today he had a new path to take in life, that of Alley Cat. 

Over the next two years Jimmy advanced in his understanding and use of magic, especially in the calling of those wonderful spirits which always thrilled and excited Jimmy. 

But Jimmy was always careful to never let his secret be known to anyone in the gang, especially the Leiutenant Hemlok, who hated Jimmy at first sight and always suspected that Jimmy was hiding something. Hemlock holds his position of power because he is smart, vindictive and a relatively competant magician. 

Jimmy knows it is only a matter of time before his secret is out, and he doesn't want a repeat of what Hemlock did to Yokun, a street mage who was only just learning his craft and made the fatal mistake of letting Hemlock find out about his abilaties. 

Jimmy is on the lookout for a way out of the Razboyz, but he needs their protection lest the Trog Boyz find him alone without gang backup. Jimmy has developed a very anti-killing attitude, and fancies himself, one day, as someone who can help the poor and weak against the strong and powerful. 

Jimmy has a strong desire to repay the person that helped him the fateful day he took his new path in life. The Shamanic way represents more than power to Jimmy, it is a way for him to make a difference that he could never have done before. Jimmy is becoming idealistic as hope, in the form of Alley Cat, displaces the sence of hopelessness that prevailed before they were united. Alley Cat opened a new path for Jimmy's life to take and he proposes to never waste one opportunity in exploring his new world. 

Jimmy's Stats


Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
© 2000 Skabo