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Cannabis sativa ssp. celestiosa


Metajuana, the common name for the awakened form of Marijuana (Cannabis sativa), shares the same characteristic leaf shape and general morphology as its mundane cousin. The two can generally be differentiated by size and color, Metajuana 'trees' often growing to 10 meters or more in height with an average leaf span of 30 cm. The awakened species is also generally more brightly colored, variants ranging from light yellow through purple and even black have been recorded. 

Ecology and Distribution

All varieties of Hemp are regarded as weeds ecologically and in this Metajuana is no different although it does require slightly deeper soil due to its size. Found on all continents, as is marijuana, it lacks tolerance for indoor cultivation seeming to require natural sunlight and relatively virgin soil for growth.


Many claims have been made about the medicinal, recreational and spiritual uses of marijuana, the same is true for Metajuana with the additional claim that the resin can cause spontaneous astral perception in the mundane and extend the powers of the magically active. Limited scientific analysis has shown that the resin contains many unknown peptides as well as a large number of the cannabinoids familiar to the mundane plant. Users report that similar effects are obtained using as little as one hundredth the dose.

Economic Value

Both marijuana and Metajuana are cultivated for sale as a recreational drug however it is still illegal in many countries. Notable exceptions include the Republic of Tasmania and Tir Mirabalis in Australia and the Caribbean League, where it is commercially cultivated, and most of the NAN states where it is legal for use in traditional ceremonies.

Unsubstantiated accounts suggest that the resin is magically active while on the plant but unless harvested correctly loses this activity immediately. In the few countries in which cultivation is legal, including Australia and the Caribbean League, a distillate of the oils is produced commercially. This (and many fakes and copies) fetch exorbitant prices in Talismongers the world over. 


Induced Astral Perception, Drain Reduction (Temporary)


Artificial light, Processed pesticides and fertilisers


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