McFable 1

A Guy walks into a store and tries to buy a spiderweb. Clerk looks under the counter for a minute and pulls out a pair of crotchless silk boxers to offer them as a replacement. No, says the Guy, he wants something in spiderweb. Clerk has been told that the customer is always right and he Believes this, but he also knows that they sometimes have to be coached a bit before they know it. Leading the guy towards a glassed-in display he starts to expound on the pleasures that can be had with other natural materials, hessian, lace and PVC. The Guy however is insistent that he must get the required apparel made of spiderweb. It must at least be mostly spiderweb, says the Guy, not wanting to be unreasonable and makes to leave. Before you leave, says the Clerk, I've got something to show you. He leads the Guy over to a dusty corner and points to a large cylinder made of some shiny metal. It is just under 2 feet across and 3 feet high. That, the Clerk explains, is a Titan Steel Butt Plug. The Guy is puzzled yet intrigued and asks who would use such a thing. Noone knows, sighs the Clerk, but it cost us a fortune.


Everyones got problems…

(c) skabo 1998 scribble