Early Works 1986 - 1991

That bastard Mr. Higgs!

There's a droning noise that's annoying me,
It sounds just like a little bee.
It's my alarm, oh no, alas,
I'm in for it now, with the rest of the class!

Today was the day and it didn't start great,
A speech to do and I was late.
I pedalled fast, I rode afar,
And on a sharp corner, I took out a car.

I ran into class my speech at the ready,
Only to hear Higgs shouting "Steady!"
The rule was marked, the speech stand set,
Some people were packing, their chairs quite wet.

My name rang out, I froze with fear,
I looked around and appealed to my peers.
They could do nothing but sit and watch,
as I stuttered through making such a botch.

He read the marks with a pityless sneer,
He dealt the crushing blow and smelt our fear.
All that effort, all that fuss!
All for nothing but a two lower plus...


(c) skabo 1988 early works or poetica