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An Overview of the Present

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The first night has been an eventful one. A group of strangers is called to meet in a coffin. Tardislike this small space expands to an underground meeting room where a dapper Mr J nervously hands out your instructions: Get a magic book from a priest and a computer file from the mafia - easy peasy - this is what you do.

The meet however is a popular place and several guests arrive uninvited: Dogsbody an ork? drops in to let you know that his services are available and he is quickly followed by less pleasant guests who use their hardware to knock - holes in doors, walls, floors and you. Like Alice in wonderland you come back out of the rabbit hole and escape.

A small friends' garage provides a bolthole for you to discuss plans and make ghostly forays to one of the sites of interest where great magic and strange business is seen. Back at the range more trouble with listeners trying to find you. The men in the van distracted and led astray you all adjourn for the night into the mobile hotels owned and driven by the unlikely Spook and Spike.

Over breakfast you review the old and add to it the new info gathered by Qwiki and Dogsbody overnight...




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