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Character Record Sheet
Street Name
Real Name
Henrietta Toshiro
Age (2057)

Background | Gear | GM Notes

Quickness 6
Strength 6 (7)
Charisma 3
Willpower 6
Essence 2.35
Magic 0
Reaction 10 (+3D6)
Firearms 7(8)
UnArmed  8
Stealth 6
Tracking 6
Data Tracing 6
Bike 6
Car  5
Etiquette (Corp) 4
Etiquette (Street) 5
DrawingCPU Graphic 7
English 8
City Speak/Japanese 3

Toshi was born with a warrant in her hand. It was for a search and seizure operation that her father, DI Arnold Toshiro, had misplaced earlier in the day before a raid on a suspected chip factory. He used to laugh as he recounted this incident along with other LoneStar crime reports that were Toshi's bedtime stories as a child.

Her mother left when Arnold called home to say he'd be working late again, for the third time in one week. Toshi, now old enough to be train at the Star shooting range, never even considered following. 

In college a vacillating Toshi dabbled in polsci, computer science and joined the LoneStar Trainee program where she learnt the finer points of tracking criminals. During her first years at Uni she started having repetitive nightmares of being hunted which the medicos attributed to stress. At the same time her recreational use of uppers and other stimulant drugs moved into the darker territory of abuse. Figuring if she could stay awake she could avoid the nightmares. Eventually her lifestyle caught up with in the form of Uni security who busted her dealer when he came to drop off her weekly supply.

After his initial disappointment her father accepted her "lifechoice" and the fact that she wouldn't qualify for the Star because of her conviction. Freelancing for a while as a body guard she met "the perfect guy" a media producer for MicroSoft MediaTainment. After their breakup they remained friendly but slightly distant because of the "drug thing" which she wouldn't discuss. 

Her health was rapidly failing as the drugs and dreams took their toll. Her father not knowing what to do suggested she use her skills to hunt bail jumpers, a relatively low risk paying job where he could feed her LoneStar contracts. Almost overnight Toshi's wellbeing improved as she found relief from the dreams by hunting others, just as she herself was hunted. 

Her jobs and drug related contacts eventually led her work into greyer areas until she found herself working with a group of runners' based out of a warehouse cum medicine lodge in Renton. 

Datajack (2)
Cybereyes with-
Armour Jacket
Colt, Restraints
Smartlink II
Optical Mag (3)
NetGun, SquirtGun
Ford Americar
ComLink VII
BMW Blitzen
Wired Flexes 2
Range Finder
Body Piercing Kit
CyberArm (Str+1)

GM Notes

Toshi was given "Edges and Flaws" taken from the GURPS CyberCuthulu setting as part of a new SR campaign setting. The points given are overall negative to balance out the fact that I was using an advanced archetype (the Bounty Hunter, SRII sourcebook).

Edges; Artistic Talent (+10), Enhanced Paranormal Awareness (+10)

Flaws; Drug Addiction to Stimulants (-15) to keep awake so I donít have any, Nightmares (-10) due to my childhood Occult Experience (Dark Secret) which is a Suppressed Memory (-10).



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