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Julio / ICU

Chicago PBEM 

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Attributes     Skills # Conc #
Intelligence 5   Computer 5    
Willpower 4   Electronics 3    
Charisma 2   Electronics BR 5    
Quickness 5   Stealth 4 Urban 6
Strength 3   Athletics 5    
Body 5   Psychology 4    
Total 24   Etiquette 3 Street 4
Languages     Firearms 6    
English 7   Armed Combat 2 Edged 4
Spanish 2   Con.Theory 2    
Babel* 3   Total 37 plus 3
Priority Chr   Value
A Skills   40
B Attributes   24
C Resources   90000
D Magic   0
E Race   human

Julio's Scrapbook

Zoom in On: A picture of a latino infant; He wears a straw hat and sits on a wooden fence next to a teenage girl. In the background there are a few cows grazing and distant jungle covered hills. A vine covered satellite dish is bolted to the side of a small barn.

Juxtapose: A jumpy digital newsfeed out-take; A burning farmstead. Bodies litter the scene, livestock as well as people. A group of green clad men decorated with feathers comes into the shot waving their guns. One approaches the camera, leaning in close his voice is simultaneously translated from the spanish he speaks. "Tell your corporations, your puppet governments, your false prophets - tell them the true gods of the earth have arisen to seek vengeance and to take back what is theirs..."; Fade out.

A city street filled with a zoo of people. Some of the women wear bowler hats, while men adjust their colorful rugs. All are dark haired and tanned. They have set up a busy market. A middle aged woman in a middle aged power suit is being interviewed in the foreground. We see a caption 'Mary Louisa Santiago, Human Rights Advocate -- Carrol Chang Reports.' The woman gestures to the crowd and speaks earnestly to the camera "The refugees from the Amazonian coup cannot thank the people of the [UCAS] enough for welcoming them with open arms. However it is now clear that the South American situation will never return to normal and these are a disposessed people. Please lobby your local representative to grant them the basic rights of residents. Their children need schools, their sick need hospitals...please help..."

Closely packed handwriting fills the small leather bound book. The language is mixed english, spanish and vowelless babble, 'It it the anniversary of Rosa's death today. Madre y Padre do not chose to remember, but i always do. I go to the church and lit candles for her. She always lit more candles than anyone else like she new she had less time...'

A school report showing high marks in computer science (practical), art, creative writing and athletics... marks from subjects dealing with facts are low.

Another report, this one headed 'Lakeshore Live-in Recovery Center' and signed by Dr. Joseph Brainchild contains the excerpt "...sudden onset. This leads me to conclude that the re-emergence of deeply hidden traumas are the underlying cause in this case. The paranoid delusions of persecution, while complex and self-compatible, should be highlighted as extreme and self-damaging to the patient in couselling sessions. Treatment, both pharmacological and in-person counselling, should lead to recovery of the subjects ability to participate in society..."

Newsfax clippings, Headlines:
"Government withdraws public subsidies to Mental Health" - NuYork Times
"Loonies on the Loose" - International Enquirer
"Explosion in underground 'Zines'" - MediaWatch WebChannel
"They're Out To Get YOU TOO!" - Knowledge is Power!, Vol.1, Issue 1

Excerpt from 'Knowledge is Power!', Vol 2 , Issue 11, pg 1 editorial by ICU: '...and if you think this couldnÕt happen to you and your country your WRONG. My parents had to flee their country when the government decided to finally use the vast surveillance networks already in place, in the name of crime fighting, to monitor the population for ideological crime as well. While I agree with the environmental agenda, green political movements are just as susceptible to infilitration and conspiracy as any organisation. The creation of the Amazonian State is the ultimate example of how darkly the seeds of conspiracy can flower...Your parents were likewise decieved into selling their privacy to government and corporate interests and now YOUR only chance to secure YOUR privacy is to recind your SIN...This issue is a "how to guide" on dissolving your SIN written by the slickest of the SINless, our very own Brother Absolution.'

The world according to ICU
2026 World Begins with my Birth, Yrheranto, Amazon Basin, Venezuala
2029 All my favorite SatShows stop for no reason
2034 Rosa dies at hands of green junta, family flees to Chicago, UCAS
2035 Permanent home in Chicago found, residency granted, school restarts
2046 Fail second year uni because of the neuro-toxins the govt. are feeding me
2047 New Home at LakeShore Recovery Center
2051 Leave Recovery, recovered. Stay with my counsellor, Caine Palais
2052 Find own apartment with money saved from electronics repair work
2052 Start warning the world about the activities of the Con through publication of "Knowledge is Power!"
2054 The world wakes up to the work of the Con!
2056 The con nukes Chicago in an effort to silence me and growing opposition!

...and now for the rest...

Gear Rating Cost Number Total
Ammo-APDS   7 200 1400
Ammo-Explosive   5 200 1000
Ammo-normal   2 500 1000
Ammo-spare clips   4 12 48
Ammo-Stun   10 100 1000
AR-Helmet  1/1 300 1 300
AR-Kevlar Backpack (M) 3/3 500 1 500
AR-Secure Jacket 5/3 850 1 850
AR-Secure Long Coat 4/2 650 1 650
Big Survival Kit   500 1 500
Bug Scanner 6 3000 1 3000
Cellphone/CB/Radio Scanner 6 3000 1 3000
Chem/Enviro Suit 6 1200 1 1200
Color Printer   200 1 200
Contacts-extra   5000 4 20000
Data Reader/Pocket CPU (P) 100 1000 1 1000
Dataline Scanner 6 600 1 600
Encryption System (CPU) 6 6000 1 6000
EverWrite Pen&Notepads*   10 10 100
Flashpak   250 1 250
Goggles-mag, therm, LL, Flare   3000 1 3000
Lifestyle-low 3 Months (M,M,P)   1000 4 4000
Maglocks (items with M) 6 600 6 3600
Palm Scanner (items with P) 6 1800 3 5400
Ration Bars/day   3 100 300
Respirator   500 1 500
Signal Locator 4 4000 1 4000
Computer (tabletop, M,P) 1000 2000 1 2000
Tracking Signals 6 600 5 3000
White Noise Generator 6 9000 1 9000
WP-Browning Ultra Power HP   525 2 1050
WP-HE Rocket   1500 1 1500
WP-Shock Glove   950 1 950
WP-Survival Knife (polymer)   450 1 450
WP-SPAS 22 Shotgun   2000 1 2000
Holsters, web-belts etc   100   100
    BIG FAT TOTAL   83448




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