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Character Background: Doc Jones

Created by BigRich



Character Record Sheet

Street Name
Doc Jones 
Real Name
Dr. Leroy Augustus Jones 
Sapiens (white) 
Age (2057)

Only mad docs and englishmen ... 

Leroy was born into a small family of his mother (Samantha) , father (William) and sister (Juliet). 

Dr. William Jones was an orthopaedic surgeon and an obsessive compulsive neatener. "A place for everything and everything in it's place, OR THERE'LL BE HELL LET LOOSE ON YOUR ASS" The family home was a very tidy appartment in the Saint Benedict General housing complex. 

Samantha Jones was an eternally worried woman. She was small of stature but very loud of voice. She worked part-time as a prison warden. She had a quick temper and was good at giving orders.

Juliet was older than Leroy by three years and she was quite cruel to him as a small child until Leroy was big enough to defend himself.

The children were pushed from a very early age to excell in the accademic world. Juliet got into Harvard and moved to Boston to pursue a carreer in corporate law. William was pushing for Leroy to join the ranks of the medical profession and bought him science kits at a young age. Mostly mini microscopes and chemistry sets. Leroy used to make use of them for precisely dissecting unsuspecting insects which he caught in large numbers.

He took a keen interest in the physical sciences to his father's delight. However leroy was bored by the prospect of becoming a doctor like his dad. Actually he didn't much like the idea of becoming an ANYTHING like his dad. He played with the idea of becoming an airforce pilot or a race car driver but he didn't have the balance or the skill for either. So he went to university and studied chemistry. He discoverred explosives and knew he had found his calling. His aptitude for the subject was matched only by his lack of organisation. After completing his undergraduate work he got a scholarship to do his doctorate at the defense science institute. There he got to work with the cutting edge of explosives and warhead design however Leroy's specialty was small arms design particularly perimeter security systems.

It was while working on his dictorate that he met his first wife Eleanor. They were married shortly after he completed his doctorate. Eleanor was the daughter of Edmund Wright the head of the institute and worked as data courier for the military and freelance. 

After completing his thesis Leroy continued to work at the intitute. However his mental health began to deteriorate after a year of so due to exposure to many of the reactive chemicals used in the explosives he frequently used.

He was eventually fired from his job at the defense institute after refusing to submit design reports on current work in progress and his marriage to Eleanor broke down due to his irrational behaviour. 

After a period of recovery in hospital he found a job lecturing part-time in chemistry at Denver University of Science and Engineering. It was while working there that he met his second wife Jillian a lecturer in the same department. They married about a year later and at which stage he was also working part time for a demolitions firm as an explosives engineering. In his spare time he worked on new shaped charge designs for particular applications for the police, such as the now famous axle buster and airbag bombs used for preventing escaping of suspects by vehicle.

After a couple of years his marriage had deteriorated and they agreed to separate. He quit his job at the uni but couldn't find work elsewhere. His record at the defense institute prevented him from gaining full time work.

To get extra cash he started working on small contracts in demolitions creating shape charges for implosions. His work became famour throughout the industry but he retained reputation as being unreliable mostly because he only worked when he felt like it.

One day he was approached by a man name Watson. He offered Leroy a very large sum of money to work for him on a project. Leroy was only given limited details until they arrived at their destination which turned out to be a vault in a Renraku research facility. After blowing the vault and making their escape with a briefcase Leroy went on to continue working in the shadows. He continues doing small contract work for demolitions teams. 

These days he lives (usually) by himself in an appartment in the UCAS sector. It is always in a state of complete chaos, exactly the way he likes it. "A place for everything and nothing in its place" A much easier motto to pursue.

He has made friends with Wobbly Joe, the guy in the appartment above who is into electronics and who often makes custom detonators for Doc who pays him well in Beer and Chinese takeaway. 

Doc can often be found lazing around the somewhat unusually decorated inside of the Rainbow Connection bar where he is a regular and a friend of Silnt Bob. These days he carries a predator and is saving up for some surgery he's been meaning to get to fix his aim and make his memory work better. 

His mum and dad have since retired and moved to Miami, and his sister still lives in Boston and works for the Coca Cola company as one of their senior corporate lawyers. 

Overall summary of persona 

Doc is obsessed by explosives and is always looking for something new. He loves to plan and then to blow things up but prefers not to hurt people if it can be avoided (unless they really deserve it).

His mental faculties are not all there still and he sometimes acts in an irrational manner following some impulse driven by a source he doesn't understand (but he's convinced he can talk to it).

He prefers to surround himself with chaos and is uncomfortable in neat or orderly environments. Panic and chaos are the domain in which he feels at home. If forced to, by for example being left in a neat waiting room, he will create his own chaos out of what ever is at hand.

His appearance reflects his internal self. His clothing is a tangled mess of various styles colours and tastes. He often wears an old style secure flack helmet, which has saved his skull from stray debris on a number of occasions and sports the dents and scrapes (and the piece if steel embedded just above the left ear).

He has a taste for delicassies such as cigars, caviar etc. but only on certain occasions. He often drinks too much but has a friend who gets him special hangover pills which make him feel MUCH better.

He was once subjected to a psychological profile which showed that he was susceptible to multiple personality disorder (ie. in a high risk category) but not actually suffering from it, and that he was unstable and prone to irrational thought processes. That was the real reason he was fired from the institute, but they thought they'd ruin his life anyway by spreading lies about his ability to work. The director didn't like Doc making his little girl unhappy. 

His main motivation is to have lots of fun while he can and maybe change the world for the better in the process. Apart from that, staying alive and avoiding fast moving objects is right up there.

He's always been fascinated by magic (especially since he's seen it being used in the streets) but has never had any aptitude for it. He was tested for magical aptitude while at the institute but he doesn't know the result.

Forgetful, Mentally Unstable, Likes to stay around to see his creations in action (ie. his loves watching things go boom).


Wobbly Joe lives upstairs from Doc and they are pretty good friends. They watch out for each other and cover for each other in tricky situations. Joe is an electronics master who once worked for FUCHI but got kicked out for being a security risk. 

Silent Bob is the bartender at his local pub The Rainbow Connection . Bob is a friendly sort but takes no shit when it comes to his establishment. Doc has been thrown out on several occasions for being to hammerred and causing a public nuissance. Even so, Bob is aware of Doc's dealings with the shadows and affords him a modicum of respect and knows when the wrong people are coming asking. Doc helps Bob pay the bills so that makes him a friend. Doc is usually on hand to help Bob deal with the ganger brawls which occasionally break out in the area.

Watson is the man who introduced Doc to the shadows. He is a specialist data thief and is always a hot target. Merely associating with Watson puts you in danger (even if only from shrapnel). Watson is wired to the gills and has contacts in just about every scum infested corner of the city. Watson trusts few people but remarkably The Doc is one of them. Doc hasn't let him down yet but that doesn't mean Watson is ever going to stake his life on the trend continuing. 

Eleanor Jones-Wright is Doc's first Ex-wife. She still works as a data courier for the Military and for selected Megacorps. She is the daughter of Major-General Edmund Wright, director of the DSI in Seattle (see below). Doc and Eleanor are still on good terms they only really broke up because Doc went nuts (and stayed that way).

Jillian Jones is Doc's second wife. They are separated but not divorced. She works for the Denver University of Science and Engineering in the Department of Industrial Chemical Research (which also develops explosives on the side for the military). She lives in the UCAS sector and commutes daily to the Pueblo sector. 

Detective JJ Burns at the UCAS sector LoneStar force. He and Doc worked closely in the development of some of the anti-getaway devices Doc created for the 'Star. JJ works mostly in organised crime. 

Juliet Jones is Doc's sister. She works as a senior corporate lawyer for the Coca Cola company in Boston. She and Doc have never been particularly close, but family is family is family and they help each other out when necessary. 


Major General Edmund Wright is the director in chief of the Defence Sciences Institute in Seattle. He is also the father of Doc's first Ex-wife, Eleanor. He hates Doc for making his daughter miserable when they broke up and has made sure that Doc will never find legal full-time work for any of the contractors that the UCAS military are involved with. He is on the lookout for any way he can make Doc's life a misery but without actually killing him (that might upset poor Eleanor even more) and in particular some legitimate way.


Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
© 2000 Skabo