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Padre Piert de Siqua

Piert is a man with one very bold vision for the future and many pasts. His US/Mexican father and Salish mother met at a "new century love-in" a decade before the awakening. The resulting child was given a spiritually rich and diverse upbringing with much new-age spiritualism, catholic dogma, doctrine and native American / Mexcian tradition. 

Rebelling against his parents ecclectic belief systems he used his private education to forge a new and very personal system most closely associated with the new Catholic church, which he joined and eventually persuaded his parents to let him attend their college/seminary. Here he majored in Theology and Theoretical Thaumaturgy, with minors in Political Science and Religious History. He made many friends among the students but found the older staff far to retrospective in their view of the churches role. He made his mark by graduating top of his class, despite attempts by some church leaders to have him disbarred, and then chosing to take over one of the poorest and most violent parishes in the CAS territories, Lower Denver. 

His conflict with the church came to a head when one of his classmates goblinised and was shunned by many of his parisheners and seniors. Both he and Mercutio (now a troll) fought for the churches support but lost. Mercutio left the church but persuaded Piert to stay on and try to change it. Mercutio is now a senior member of the Church of the Meta Christ. 

With much effort and skillful pressure on local politicians and media Piert has created a self-sustaining Second hand shop/homeless shelter/parish that excluded no-one. His favorite sermon explains how the Awakening is all part of Gods' plan and how we should embrace not fear the changes. He has won the respect if not total support of many in this religious suburb. 

The recent events, both spiritual and physical, have left him convinced that God is taking amore direct role in this small area of the world and that his role in it may be more than just that of a pastor.......  


Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
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