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Larry Elco 

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Character Sheet 

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Basic Data:

  • Street Name: Lee
  • Totem: Coyote
  • Initiate Level 0 
  • Cash: 17360 
  • Karma: 15
  • Unused Karma: 0
  • Str 5 
  • Bod 8 
  • Qui 5 
  • Int 5 
  • Will 5 
  • Cha 5 
  • Essence 5 
  • Magic 5 
  • Reaction 5+2d6 
Dice Pools:
  • Combat 7 
  • Conjuring 5
  • Stealth 4
  • Negotiation 3 
  • Firearms (Pistols) 3(5) 
  • Etiquette(Street) 2(4) 
  • Armed Combat(Edged Weapons) 2(4)
  • Car 2
  • Basketball 4 
  • English 7 
  • City Speak 3 
  • Smartlink
  • Boosted Reflexes
  • Ares Predator II with:
    • 10 clips Normal Ammo
  • Roomsweeper with:
    • Integral Smartlink 
    • 40 Rounds Normal Ammo 
    • 20 Rounds Flechette Ammo 
  • Concealable Holster 
  • Survival Knife 
  • Dikoted Survival knife
  • Wrist Cellphone 
  • Pager 
  • 5 sets normal clothing 
  • Secure Long Coat 
  • Forearm Guards 
  • SIN(Credstick 4 ) 
  • Ford Americar
  • Low Lifestyle (3 monthes):A dingy apartment in Renton. 
  • Squatter Lifestyle (3monthes): An even dingier apartment in the Barrens. 


  • Corp/Fixers/Street: A good man to hire if you need to interact with Street gangs or the Mafia. He also is known to be level-headed and gets along well with others. His magical abilities are relatively minor, but useful. Good to use when stealth is important, and will not brag when the job is done. 

  • Lone Star: An ex-ganger who has Mob ties. The Star projects that he is probably a Shadowrunner. He is suspected to have performed runs against Renraku and MCT. 

Physical Description 
Physical Description:
Larry is a relatively good looking Ork, about 6'1", 240 lbs. He has blonde hair cut in a crew cut, blue-grey eyes, and an easy going nature. He dresses extremely casually, in an outfit designed not to resemble anyone's gang colors.

Background Story

Larry Elco Grew up in the Barrens, a member of an Ork Street gang called The "Bloodhounds". They were a small gang, and barely held on to their own turf. Turnover was very high, as their gang was much poorer, and smaller than the rival gangs. The Mafia hired the gang for various minor errands, and for a while, Larry dreamed of leaving the gang to work for the Mob full time. He saved up enough money to get some minor Cyberware, getting the only thing he could afford, namely a smartlink and boosted reflexes. Eventually it became obvious to Larry that they would only use them when they needed expendable muscle. Additionally he was worried how gang life was affecting his younger sister Bonnie. Larry had been raising Bonnie ever since his mother dies, when he was 15, and Bonnie 11. She had also joined the gang, and was starting to use BTLs.
Things came to a head when he discovered his connection to his totem Coyote and learned to conjure spirits. Finaally he had a way out. He quit the gang and forced Bonnie to do the same, and started making money working in the shadows. His conjuring ability help make up for the cheap Cyberware and lack of experience. Unfortunately he didn't leave soon enough to save his sister. (See Section on his ally below) 
It is now a year since his sisters death. He is getting over his grief and trying to get on with his life. He is extremely thankful that he couldn't afford more 'ware before he found out about his magical abilities and has since initiated, and conjured an Ally. 

Contacts BG Stories

  • Dead Bob(1): Ork, Current Leader of the Bloodhounds. Bob is the brother of Slash, a friend of Larry's from his gang days. Slash died in a gang war a few monthes before Larry left the gang. 
  • Quake(2): Troll Street Mage with a penchant for destructive spells. Member of Rusted Stilletos. Quake is an old frind from Larrys neighborhood and was the first one to notice that Larry was magically active. Quake introduced Larry to Greybeard, a Coyote Shaman. Greybeard worked with Larry for 3 monthes until his death of natural causes 3 monthes ago. Larry and Quake share a common interest in Urban Brawl. 
  • Jim Rosso(1): Local Mafia soldier. Jim was the liason from the Mafia to the Bloodhounds when Larry was a ganger. He is human, Italian, and a member of the Bigio family. Jim now operates a protection and loan sharking operation along the Tacoma waterfront area. Jim gave Larry his first freelance job after leaving the gang. He was hired to provide magical support for a Mafia raid on a Yazuka gambling house. The raid was a success and Larry earned his fee by banishing a spirit that was about to attack Jim's crew. 
  • Grant(1): Fixer. Grant is a dwarf ex-shadowrunner who retired two years ago and began working as a fixer. Grant was urged to hire Larry by Larry's magical mentor Greybeard, a former team-mate of Grant's. Grant has arranged for Larry to be hired for 3 runs. The first run involved breaking up a thrill gang that was terrorizing a local neighborhood. After he proved himself on that one, he was hired for runs against MCT and Renraku, although Larry never knew exactly who the opposition was on those latter two runs. Although he doesn't know it, the same corp hired him for both runs. Larry thinks that he was breaking up a BTL smuggling ring for the MCT run. He doesnt know that MCT was behind the ring, and that they created it for the sole purpose of gettng a pipeline into the Triads. The Renraku run involved stealing records from a small company that was owned through numerous shell companies by Renraku. Both runs were financed by Aztechnology. 

  • Crimson Queen(1): HUGE Ork drummer for the Crimson Crush, an all girl Rock Band. Crimson's real name is Cindy Barr, and she is from Larry's old neighborhood. 
GM only knowledge


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