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Marcus Tonaro

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- Shadowrun 3rd Ed
- Email Character Sheet
- Version: 2.0

Player Name: Owen.
Player Email:
Game Name: Transcendense
GM Name: Nightchld
GM E-Mail:

Start Date:   Feb 2000

- Points/Priorities
   Priority: (Value / Amount)

Attributes: C / 24
Skills:     B / 40
Race:       D / Ork
Resources:  A / Y1,000,000
Magic:      E / --
Edges:   Depends on amount of flaws allowed.
Flaws:   Depends.

- General Information Section

Name: Marcus Tonaro
Street Name: Flash
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Race: Latino American
Metatype: Ork
Build: Bulky
Height: 6'8"
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Gold
Predominant Hand: Right or ambidextrous.

- SIN Section:
   Sin: Legal.  Belongs to one Marcus Tonaro

- Stats Section:
   Stat: (Natural Rating / Modified Rating)

Body:        8 (9 +1 for paired cyberarms)
Strength:    6 (7 using +1 for arms)
Quickness:   4 (7 using  +3 for arms)
Intelligence: 3
Charisma:    3
Willpower:   3

Essence:     0.1
Body Index:  
Reaction:    3 (base) 6 (with flexes)  (8 arms only + flexes)
Initiative:  +1D6 / +2D6 with reflexes

- Dice Pools & Karma:

Good Karma: 5
Spent Karma: 0
Karma Pool: 2

Combat Pool: 5

- Edges Section:
   Edge: (Description)
- Flaws Section:
   Lifetime debt:  Although Father Thomas would never abuse it, Marcus has
sworn a lifelong debt to his saviour( both physical and mental).  Father
Thomas will on occasion ask Marcus for a favour, to which Marcus will always
happily agree.
   Compulsion:  Loyalty / Over protectiveness.  Will quite happily throw
himself into any kind of danger to save a friend/ loved one.
   Dependancy:  His mother and his sister Angela rely on him to provide
money.  Probably at least 10,000 a month.
   Phobia: Clowns ( -1)
   Recurring nightmare: (-1) Of Wendys death.
- Cyberware Section:
   Pair of cyberarms: Large & silver (Hence Flash)
    - Built in smartgun link in each. (twin system, two crosshairs)
    - Increased strength level 1
    - Increased quickness level 3 (man & machine)

   Cyber eyes(alphaware):  Gold
    - Flare compensation
    - Display link
    - Low light
    - Protective covers
    - Thermographic

    Datajack(alphaware):  right temple.
    Radio(alpha): Rating 5
    Sub vocal microphone(alpha)

    Wired reflexes(alpha): Level 1
     - Reflex trigger
     Reaction enhancer(alpha): Level 1
- BioWare Section:
   Item: (Description)

- Languages
   English (5) R/W (3)
   Spanish (3) R/W (1)

- Knowledge Skills:
* Street Skills
  - Weaponry: 3
  - Surveillance techniques: 2
* Academic Skills
  - Tactics: 3
* Sixth World Skills
* Background Skills
  - Demolitions: 2
  - Military procedures: 3

* Interests Skills
  - Religion: 1
    \ Christianity: 3

Hobby skill: English literature: 4 (Shakespeare, Chaucer etc.)

- Active Skills:

* Combat Skills
  - Assault Rifles (Qu): 3
  - Launch Weapons : 3
  - Pistols (Qu): 3
  - Submachine Guns (Qu): 5
  - Throwing Weapons (St): 4
  - Unarmed Combat (St): 4

* Physical Skills
  - Athletics (Body): 4 
  - Stealth (Qu): 3

* Social Skills
  - Intimidation (Cha): 4 

* Technical Skills 
  - Demolitions (Int): 3

* Vehicle Skills
  - Bike (Reaction): 3
- Weapons Section:
  - 2X Ares pred: A matched pair, both smartlinked.
    \ Concealable holster X2, silencer, 400 reg ammo, 200 EX

  - Slivergun: Smartlinked
    \ concealable holster, 200 flechette ammo.

  - HK227: Linked. 200 reg ammo.

  - Ingram smartgun: (prelinked) 100 reg. ammo

  - AK98: Smartlinked. 100 reg ammo.
    \ mini grenades(for launcher)
       - 5 conc.
       - 3 off. AP
       - 3 off. HE
       - 5 Smoke
       - 3 Smoke IR

  - Survival knife

  - 5 Conc. grenades
- Basic Gear Section:
  - Spare clips: 10
  - Secure Jacket: 5/3
  - Secure Long coat: 4/2

  - X2 stimpatch: rating 6
  - Pager:  Set on vibrate.
- Vehicles & Drones Section:
  - Harley scorpion: has a datajack port


- Contacts Section:
  - Armourer: Level 2.  Former military man who Marcus always uses to fix
his weapons.  Spent a couple of years together on same tour of duty before
"Willy Boy" was honourably discharged when his leg got mangaled by a tank,
effectively retiring.  Talks too much.

  - Fixer: Level 1. Run of the mill elven fixer who Marcus has used on
several occasions.  Specialises in security equipment of all types.

  - Bartender: Level 1. Marcuss local barkeep, keeps his ear to the ground.
Doesn't see Marcus often enough to know him very well, but appreciates any
man who looks after there family.  Has an aging father in the same hospital
as Angela, whom Marcus sometimes visits.

  - Metroplex quartermaster: Level 2. An old friend from Marcus's early days
in the metroplex volunteers.  Always willing to "lose" the occasional near
military grade item, for the right price.  'Plump', spends most of his days
watching war videos and sitting behind his desk(sometimes at the same time!)

  - Father Thomas: Level 2. The person who encouraged Marcus to look further
into christianity.  Probably the only person outside of Marcus's family who
truly knows him.  Now in his sixties, father Thomas still runs the same
run-down church on the outskirts of Redmond. His church is a sanctity to
all, and no-one who knows anything about him would harm him because of his
links to most of the gangs in Redmond as well as to the Mafia.

- Lifestyles Section:
  - Middle x2: One is the family home where his mother lives.  The other is
his own townhouse.  More details when required.
  - Low x1: An old underground garage.  Basic amenities but a good place to
hide out.

- Character Personal Information Section:

Physical Profile:
   A solid chrome orc with a business like expression.  The obvious amount
of cyberware is enough to intimidate most people, and he seldom gets any
racist comments to his face.  Tends to ware combats and a flak vest, with a
silver cross around his neck which belonged to his father.  Has an eerie
looking silver shirt which makes him look totally inhuman.

Mental Profile:
   This is one messed up person!  Has a terribly fear of losing anyone he
loves, which leads to a fear of failing.  Because of this he holds his own
life with contempt while doing his best to look out for the people close to
him.  A little paranoid (some would say justifiably), he tries his best to
uphold his slightly warped sense of Christian morality.  Has become
dangerously psychotic on a few occasions, although these spells usually pass
quickly.  To the untrained eye he appears to be a very proffesional ork
merc.  However those who know him better realise he is merely an empty
shell, a child who grew up to fast and has died inside, drained by the
events cruel fate has dumped upon him.  He tried to cut out the pain and
replace it with metal, but unfortunately this has only resulted in a loss of
emotion (after all, it is difficult to cry when you have metal eyes).

  Marcus is the eldest child of five.  Maria is two years younger and lives
in Seattle with her husband and their two children (about 7 and 3).  Wendy
(deceased) was three years younger.  Hose (presumed deceased) is/was five
years younger and Angela (comatose) is eight years younger.
  Marcus's father was a member of the Spanish army, and so wasn't around
much.  This meant that Marcus had to act as father, friend and brother to
his four siblings, leaving little time for his own childhood.  On Marcus's
sixth birthday his father came home early as a surprise and hired a clown
costume, hoping to entertain his son.  However Marcus was horrified by the
clown costume which further distanced him from his father.
At the age of ten, while carrying home some groceries with his sister Wendy,
he was cornered by a go-gang.  They viciously beat Marcus and then forced
him to watch while they raped his sister, after which they sliced open her
throat and stabbed MArcus in the belly to die a slow and painful death.
Luckily for Marcus, Father Thomas discovered him and his sister and took him
to a hospital and arranged for the funds to have him treated.  Aftter this
Marcus became a regular at Father Thomas's church, St. Augustines, and
became a devote Christian for a while.  Shortly after recovering, Marcus
began combat training in Martial arts and guns in order to protect his
family.  A couple of years later (at the age of thirteen) his father went
missing in action in Aztlan, and hasn't been heard from since.
  At sixteen Marcus joined the voluntary Metroplex gaurd, which was the
start of his career in the military.  It was about this time that he began
to change.  Unfortunately, his little brother Hose had become involved with
a metahuman hate group, and was apalled by his brothers sudden changed.  A
couple of months later Hose led some of his fellow gangers to beat up his
brother, but Marcus pulled out a gun and began filling them full of holes.
During the ensuing firefight, Hose was blown of the docks where Marcus was
working at the time (there not being many jobs for Orks, and he fell off the
dock into the water.  Marcus went slightly beserk and throttled the last
pair of gangers to death, after which he dived into the water to search for
his brother, but there was no trace of him.
As soon as he hit eighteen he left his family to join the army, trying to
flee the guilt he felt over his brothers death.  Over the next twelve years
Marcus slowly worked his way up to Sargent (being an Ork had its advantages
in that job), as well as getting a lot of cyberware.  His armies were both
blown off by a grenade when he was 22, and this marked the start of his
implants.  The army covered most of the expenses, although Marcus did manage
to arrange for most of his stuff to be of better quality.  At the age of 30
he left the army after an unpleasant incident with an anti-metahuman
superior officer, and returned to Seattle, where he has been based ever
since.  Two years after this his baby sister Angela was run down by a truck,
and ended up in a deep coma.  She currently resides in a Seattle hospital.
Marcus has spent the last few years building his reputation as a loyal and
dedicated runner.

Physical Description 

Background Story

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