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Harry the Hun Morten

Harry is a young Texan Goth, not an easy lifstyle to maintain in the gun-toting, tobacco chewing world of the Deep South, 2057. He is also a really good artist and knows it too. His very wealthy parents have formed a mini-multi by combining their respective families Petrochem and Advertising empires. Growing up with little or no support for his aspirations he turned to one of his parents stranger friends, Doc Jones, who encouraged the young man to do anything he wanted. By being the fence for some of Haz's earliest works Doc helped him to get some recognition and then a prestigious scholarship to the Denver Institute of the Arts, in the UCAS sector. He imediately left his family and moved into the University dorm suburb, in the CAS sector near Qwikis store, to commence his studies. 

His biggest gripe with his parents was their alienation from what Haz saw as the Real World where people died of malnutriton, toxic poisoning and exploitation. This attitude is expressed in his art which he describes as industrial-neo-tribal sculpture. As with everything in the modern world his scholarship is more of a contract where art school has the rights to sell any and all of is works to fund his small stipend and materials budget. The teachers are however top notch as are the workshop facilities. To supplement his income Haz makes small jewlery pieces on the side and sells them to a fixer called Vanidol, this risky dealing almost pays for his drinks tab (the rest is picked up by Doc jones who has moved here for "work reasons")

His brother, who is also a dwarf, is an officer in the UCAS army. Haz generally keeps in touch with his family as he becomes more comfortable with who he is becoming. 

Recently he has been upset because he has been kidnapped by someone who is making him produce as much jewlery as possible. When he complained they introduced him to Mr Thingy who fucks with your mind. He did however strike a deal to be allowed to keep working at least equal time on his other projects such as the cross he promised to construct for Pierts church. He figures he will get out eventually and in the meantime he has got a huge budget, great food (even if their is too much mex-tex) and the best workshop he has ever seen. He misses his art studies but has met some new teachers who have shown him some great tricks. He still wants to go "home" to have breakfast as Qwiki's (not to mention happy hour at the Rainbow Connection).


Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
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