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The Story So Far.....

Life was fine and.... well at least it was survivable and relatively rewarding for our modest group of sub-urban Denverites, until one day...

jimbo notices his boss at Natura-Vat is getting numerous visits from some well dressed asian men. Well Jimbo isn't racist, but....

 At about the same time the ever simmering gang wars flare up and the streets become even more danhgerous place to fall unconcious, and you're even less likely to have a choice about it....in this case the perps seem to be the local go-gang, the raz-boys and some roughs from down southe, the trog-boyz.

 The face of this violence is brought up close and personal when tempers boil over in the Rainbow Connection one night and Jimbo sees the said-same face in the form of a fourteen yr old ganger gettin blown away in the street, the trog-boyz have declared that blood is the answer..

 Monsignor Piert de Siqua gets drawn into the gathering storm when he administers last rights to the mortally wounded. Not for the first time Piert feels a the tendrils of his Masters power enter him as he absolves the sins of the dying... Comforting the family and performing the funeral for free he unitentionally befriends some of the raz-boys includiong its leader with the help of the ever popular Rikki Spangles who can't seem to help making frends, but can't seem to convince many of his 'frends' to sleep with him :) 

When one of Pierts "flock" goes missing, after revealing he had some info about the where the trog-boyz were getting there up-class hardware, it is a worried priest who ventures south in search of the his prodigal father. Upon finding the inevitable corpse the plot thickens :) The bums apparent reversion to BTL abuse and subsequent death is complicated by the results of an autospy, arragned by Qwikki's girl Hopi-a docwagon ER nurse, which shows that he may have been forced to plug the chip. Here again Piert feels the cleansing presence of his master ast work and sleeps safe in the knowledge that another soul is saved...

 Under qwikis investigations the chip itself reveals more. It is a black beetle, the realer than real full senses recording of a snuff victims' last minutes, gauranteed to bring sexual gratification to those so inclined amd those who wish to risk joining the star of the show....in hell. The chip itself is of non-descript origin but may well have been supplied by the trog-boyz.

 The next day the trog boyz make a guest appearance in the lives of both Piert, to warn him off getting into their biz, and Jimbo, who sees through there petty disguises when they tell him to keep his nose out of the shipping companies biz, a point which they bring home by discontinuing jimbos' right to concious perception.

 The next day, when warnings are decided to be ignored by all guns are drawn, first on Jim en route to a delivery his truck is shot at by asians who nearly lose there car a s a result. Later on the way home the group is ambushed by uzi-toting gangers in urban camo who chase them into hiding. Just when things look grim for jimbo, hiding in a ded end alley from searching gangers they seem to lose interest as shadows become unnatuarally dark around our hero; later a scampering is heard and Jimbo's kids' feral frend skips out of the shadows and away gigling merrily.

 Know your enemy is the groups plan cos then you know how fast you have to run.... ,dt, a deker frend of Qwikis helps them find out about the gangs and the chip in particular in return for storing some data in qwikis deck, which of course he copies lokstok and barrel. They turn up a spreading pattern of violence to their south where the trog boyz have taken over apartment buildings and abandoned warehouse seemingly at random, their interest now seem sto be pointed north in to the chrs 'hood

 At this point the chrs go in search of authority, wisely informing the blues about the stiki situation. Finding four good witnesses who are willing to testify to trog truancy puts the pols in an unusually amenable mood, especially when qwiki offers cheap donuts to all concerned for the term of their natural lives.

 Just when all seem sto be going back to normal, except for the extra police cars that seem to hang around qwikis shop (some of whom keep 'joking' about checking the legality of his deck:), Harry 'the hun' Morten, dissappears, a fact not confirmed until he missed Happy Hours on friday night.

 Pierts quick recon of the dwarfs beer-fart-tainted room and neighbours turns up only the info that he was last seen sometime monday night going to his workshop and the dwarfs diary. The former reveals recent sketches for almost finished cross with BTL centerpiece (missing) and an incomplete ornate golden ring while the latter reveals dirty underwear, melon sized hairballs and his diary. Mostly containg the sketches of works real and imagined it also has several references to Vanidols where he "has a meet to get some cash" and "saw that Mexo chick again, the one what works for Azzy". There is also a passage where he descibes a hallucinogenic experience while doing a deal in which a piece of his work seemingly came alive and tried to bite him, "but Van saw nuffin...", that same night as he was leaving Vans he " saw Qwikies chik ducking innoo the store but i was too freaked and fragged to say hi.."

 Upon questioning Hopi reveals that she is a client (for hardcopy euro-fashion mags) of Vanidols, a fixer for luxury consumer goods unavailable or expensive inthe open market. Vanidol turns out to be a helpful if guarded guy who "really can'y help ya" but "would not even mention any previously mexican corporations whose envoys definitely did not have anything to do with buying all of Harries works, and who defnly dinna mention that she (or he) didn't used them for spirit foci.." :)

 A simple job for qwikki and his new frends, mazzy the rtrol bouncer at the 'connection and that reporter/librarian guy, to pick up an old opti chip from a disused railway station downtown turns into a goonies type trip through the sewer of denver with the chrs armed and loaded for ... well rat actualy :). The original data having been replced with a map on how to find it (computerised of course), the city has changed a lot since them days however and the chrs end up crawling into the basement of a "Woolmarts manager trainee center" on the edge of Azzie teritory! Narrowly escaping a patrol they head back home with out the loot.

 The trip was not worthless however as a map that bypasses the rigid CAS-Azzie border is worth its virtual weight in virtual gold. Using the good will gained in selling this info to Van they are able to buy his support for a dwarf rescuing mission!! or at least the hardware basis for one as well as Invitations to a private corporate sales conference at which will apear the mysterious dwarf napping Anaximander Qzeotl Hernandez Further networking gets the chrs in contact with Hazzas Mom and paa who although distant are worried. The next day Joel Fordam arrives to corroborate the chrs stories and investigate possible avenues of recourse. 


Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
© 2000 Skabo