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Hoi Chummeros and welcome,
We are well underway with the game now so just a reminder to please read and try to follow the guidelines to make it easier for me to run. Also check this page regularly (weekly?) to find out new things of interest as i won't clog the email system by attatching large files that i think fit in and add background to the campaign. Also the Archives are operational as is the "Guestbook" for comments on anything you find on the site (we won't use it for conversations as i previously thought, just continue using email). 

The newest thing is an archive of posts which follows on from the Story So Far part 1 (a recap on past events) and the Story So Far part 2 (recent happenings). 

Please read the NPCs page before catching up with your old aquaintances the PCs, Got all that?

Hoi All,
This is an introductory note to the pbem along with some guidelines for posting to the PBEM list. The general idea is that we will run a role-playing campaign more along the lines of the a free form game but set in the SR reality of 2057 in which we will be continuing the low level Denver campaign of last year. I have created a page for each character, which will hopefully expand into multiple pages with contacts, drawings etc. I have put up a character Sheet for all pcs with brief background (from my original campaign notes). From this i would like you to build up the PCs background and by background i mean quite a detailed history and a current situation explaining living conditions, contacts, activities. There will also be NPC pages for 'your' NPCs such as Hopi, Qwiki's girl, and 'my' NPCs so everyone knows whos who. 

All messages should be headed "PBEM:" followed by the subject. When replying just hitting the reply button should take care of this (with re: in front of it). Please only quote the minimum necessary text from the original message in your reply. 
My msgs will fall into two categories, either for the whole group or for an individual runner/player. If it is for only one player then please reply only to me, the message will be headed with "PBEM: pcsname: subject". All other msgs will just have the PBEM: header and should be sent (replied) to all people on the list (see below for everyones email addresses). 

Your replies should start with an In Character (IC:) section where you are your character, include both descriptions of yourself and planned actions as well as any dialogue. All dialogue should be in "qoute marks" so everyone knows what is being said as opposed to thought or described. 

Any technical comments, personal comments etc should be clearly labelled as OOC (Out of Character). This is a space for using player knowledge and rules discussions etc. Also you will have to interact with other characters on your own initiative, ie i may send You an email but you may want to share/discuss the information contained within to the other pcs. As long as you are in a position to reply IC, eg you have a cellphone, can walk down to the pub etc, then do so by replying to the others but include a description of how you contact them in your post, eg, The only rule is that all cross-replies should include me! the GM.  


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