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[after you finish up conversations etc and plans for later with theother guys you realise that it is well past time you got back to thechurch]
AS you hurry through the waning rush hour crowds you realise that if God does indeed have a new course for you you will have to find ppl willing to help with the running of the shelter and parish business. THe shop has a roster of relatively reliable volunteers often attracted by thefree kaf and soup for workers, but the parish and shelter requirecontinual maintenance and paperwork.
You push open the double doors to the main hall and kneel briefly beforethe alter. Rising you are intercepted by a guy everyone calls OddJon. Heis indeed odd, always spouting conspiracy theories and paranoid rantsbut today he looks especially fanatical.He grabs your arm and leans in close (he had stale kaf and sardines forbreakfast you guess) and whispers urgently in your ear that he has founda cabal operating in this very neighbourhood. 
He claims that the DragonLords have been blowing things up just south of here to try find the thesecret entrance the the Inner Earth where the Illuminati live. He saysthe FBI and the Zurich Intell know about it and they've all beenlistening to the earth to see if the Lords find the entrance. He shakes a crumpled newsfax in front of you with a red circled article about aseries of small earthquakes in the rockies just south of Denver. A second circled article shows some suits at the launch of a new series ofcommunication satellites. Jon collects newsfaxes 'religiously' and makesinsane connections b/w the stories. 

With a start like this you know that it is going to be along day. Seemslike the weather has brought out the crazies.  


Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
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