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Let There Be Light.. (the past, 4)

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Hoeke (OOC: where are you old boy?!) pops up from behind Piert where he had been squatting. Jimbo, getting his first look at the mysterious young ganger almost falls backwards out of his chair, "Thad's tha Feril Kid who saved me from those gangers in that alley," Jimbo sprays in thickly accented DoNutish, "he was the one who made the shadows thicker...." (OOC: see the relevant bits of the Story so far part 1) As you all start to ask questions at once there is the screech of tires on the street.... and as though they had been listening for a dramatic moment to make an entry a gold and blue Star cruiser pulls into the Shaq's lot. 

The two solid norms who emerge pause as they go into get a Gutfull's and give your little gathering the once over, "Some action last night eh boys?" says Sgt. Ben, "Sorry to hear about young Spangles.." adds Sgt. Bill, the normally silent partner. You guys murmur a response and Qwiki ushers them into the world of Hi Phat's Phood (tm) and SoyKaf ..... a short while later (OOC: ie enough for you to talk briefly amongst yourselves etc) they re-emerge and take a seat near you with there Phood Snax. "Qwiki said you wanted to know more about the raid last night?" expounds Bill obviously feeling loquacious this morning. 

[Meanwhile when Qwiki is serving breky to the Star boys inside the Shaq.]

IC: You palm open the clear macroplas door in the "counter" with a slap at the print scanner connected to the maglock. Dipping briefly from view you check the stores three cameras to make sure no-one has snuck in while you were out then reach into the shelf below the counter and get the pre-packed paper bag with the cops breakfast in it (unlike other stores you've heard of there is no cash inside, merely discounted Phood (tm)). 

As is tradition Bill silently selects which flavor of gum he'll chew that day while Ben gives you the latest monologue about his extended family and all there endless infighting. You start mentioning thatr the guys would like a word with them about the raid last night when the Shaq's register beeps indicating new messages in your matrix node. You excuse yourself and load them to the screen cursing orange ninjas the whole time you stare at the oh so flat and lifeless screen! rather than your comfy 3D virtual "mailroom" inside your deck where you usually receive messages. 
Among the normal mix of junk-faxes, latest postings to various decker lists there is the glowing signature that you've been waiting for. dt. the letters are small gold 3D and rotating the only reason they stand out against the other pretty graphical message sigs is their extraordinary definition and coloring. You reach forward to open it then realise you'll have to use the lightpen. The message is in the same gold script and tells you dt is available for a meet in the VirtuaBar sometime this morning. You RSVP dt ASAP setting meet for half an hour then go outside and join your friends. 

[And when everyone is back outside having Breakfast with B & B]

....a conversation continues b/w Hoeke and Piert
Hoeke IC: "Frag, lo spell boy scat. Kick hem biz boy to Styx an back. Trog pop'd a cap, Catz dead."
H OOC: Bother, the spell caster got away before I could identify him, but when I next find him he'll be in need of spiritual guidance through afterlife. Unforunately someone's gun went off in my direction, critically wounding me
Hoeke IC: "Hey, Piert, thanks for the prayer, I guess I owe you one now"Father Piert to Hoeke Doc IC:'Hoeke my son, it is good to hear from you at last, we were begining toget worried. As for Oweing me one, God does not keep a count of favours, and as his servant, neither do I. Please tell me of your powers, if you will, so that we may use our blessings synergistically.'
IC: What syn-, syner, syner, that bloody big word you said mean?
OOC: Piert remeber that I am basically uneducated, illiterate and inumerate(sp?).
FATHER PIERT IC:'Sy-ner-gis-tic, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.'
IC: I can feel life and mojo, make people ignore me, and move distant things.
FATHER PIERT IC:'Now it is my turn to ask, what is "mojo"? is it a word for magic?'

The 'Star cops some out of the Shaq with a tray of kaf and Phood Snax and sit down near you guys. Ben says "So Qwiki tells us you wanted to know some stuff?"

OOC: Bill and Ben are two of the beat/patrol cops assigned to your area. Yuo first 'befriended' them by helping them bust some of the trogz that threatened you. Then when you got the hard data you phoned the number they had given you and got someone at HQ when you mentioned the Trogz. Rest is history (in the making)
Doc IC: (Resisting the urge to reach for the Speshul Kechup and add a little bit of chaos to the painfully neat police uniforms) "Yeah we were just a little curious about a few things."
Q IC: "Thank you Sgt, anything you are allowed to tell us would help make sense of what happened; we might even be able to help you out if we know something which has slipped our minds because we thought it was unimportant", Qwicki smiles. "It would be a shame to miss out on a good lead". 
Ben, " We got on shift about half way through the raids and were told to stay out of 'it' but we heard plenty on talk from the return teams. Anyway from what i hear I thought you guys would be sick of interviews and interrogations by now? But if you really want you could let us in on what went on and we'll tell you what we heard around the station this after the raid."
[Assuming you give them a similar account that you gave to the 'Star when interviewed earlier this morning]
Ben asks, "So who actually interviewed you guys anyway, cos we know it wasn't local Brass?"
Someone answers, "Some suits called Wilson and Mason, also there was this chummer who didn't say anything but they called him Mr. Peterson on the tape."
Bill jerks up, "Peterson huh? well they've got IntSec on the case. What the hell was he doing there with the spooks from organised crime? (this to Ben, then explains to you) Wilson and Mason are where the buck stops in OrgCrime, yuo just got honored" he grins.
Ben nods, "so what was worrying you civs?"
> Q: "I was impressed at how quick you guys were to respond; so quick it might have well been on the Net; were you waiting to make a move? Were you expecting to find something?"
Ben "Ah, well the star is well known for its rapid response to community worries (sarcastic tone). As far as we can tell HQ and orgcrime had some big sting going and were all ready to R'n'R when you guys waltzed in and nearly FUBAR'ed. They were already en route when we got Qwiki's call. When we heard it was you guys we warned them you were just local amatuers and not to shoot first etc. Still they wouldn't let us into the area told us it was registered operations personel only (he drawls the corp speak scathingly). Some homeboys from out of town by the looks of it, except the brass that is."
Q: "What sort of gear was there in the Trogz place? Computer stuff? I think they are or were up to something by the buzz I felt when I was on-line. Still everything is very quiet today. Did you manage to stop them doing whatever it was they were doing?"
Ben rants, "Well we didn't exactly stop them they stopped themselves.Ripped up all there fancy stuff, guns, gear and hauled ass for the border (He indicates the direction of the Pueblo border. Don't know how they got
through customs but by the time word got through we only caught a couple of slower bikers with very well faked ID. Org Crime are working on it now. Fraggin Indians are cooperatin as slowly as the Fraggin can o'course 'Sure sure we'll help in the capture of these criminals' they say then its just fill out these international extradition treaties in triplicate and blah blah blah........" (Ben rants for a good couple of minutes and you get the idea that he has had to fill out a few too many forms in his career.)
Ben stalls, "...oh yeah that computer stuff they had? Well deVista from dispatch said he got a look at some of the evidence photos from outside and swore that they musta had 20 microwave dishes and arials (sp?), as in recievers, on the roof. Inside it was just shitloads of wires taped to the walls with empty connectors at the ends where they had their gear, but if OrgCrime know anything they sure are keeping quiet and those outa town boys ain't to friendly either......beats the shit out of me and leaves me lying in the gutter......Frakin Yaks."
FATHER PIERT 1 IC: "I was wondering if you found who was weilding magic
against us in the Fight with the Trogz? It probably wouldn't have been a ganger... Perhaps the individual is higher up on the triad of command thanthe Trogz, and may know more about what is going on?"
Ben shakes his head, "Well the Trogz we've busted latley swear they haven't got a spell slinger in the gang and i believe em, to dum if ya ask me. Theones we got last night don't reckon the Yaks, of course they didn't call em that, had any either, said 'all the wizzers was elsewhere', shit eater."
Bill looks obviously at his watch, Ben sighs and grabs a noodle cup from
the displays out front, "Later civs, we got work to do...."
Doc To Bill and Ben as they leave: "Thanks lads, we'll be sure to tell you if we remember anything else." 

To the group after B&B leave: "Well It'd crossed my mind earlier that they were gathering info with all that input and output that was going on. But shit, if they were using that sort of quip they might have been monitoring satellite com channels. If they could decrypt the signals they
could listen into basically any conversation eminating from this area."
FATHER PIERT IC:'Mmmm...But what would the Trogz/Yaks be monitoring Doc,
could it be the Star's and maybe other security companies comm channels?
Maybe something to do with knowing the best time and place to cross the
border with suspect cargo? '
Doc IC: "Maybe they're watching the surveillance satellites, or downloading
data from them. They might have the ability to watch large chunks of the
city through such a means. It'd let them know where the enforcement
agencies are. Plenty of warning, etc..."

FATHER PIERT IC:'Not to mention watching baywatch... sorry, my mind is wandering... but when you said downloading data to watch largechunks...Mmmm...pity that show ended with the tragic goblinisation of Pamela Anderson into an orc...And Tommy Lee into an elf! Who would have thought it? I would have sworn it would have been the other way round! Mmmmm...'
Doc IC: "Such is life. Imagine if she'd turned into a troll... Talk about Gel-Pack Armour, she could really poke someone's eye out with those things."

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Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
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