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"A Door Opens......and blood comes rushing in"wire ribbon

 Friday nights happy hour is a hopelessly inadequate name for mood of those gathered at the Rainbow connection. The air fairly shimmers with suppressed fear, anger and excitement. The mood is especially mixed around the table at which sit Jimbos crue. Anger at Harries kidnapping, excitement about the tunnel trip and ensuing involvment in much bigger things.

 The spark that sets the keg off is the too familiar sound of autoweapon fire closeby followed shortly by final screams. As gangers rush for the doors and soap stars rush for the toilets an impromptu swatvac team hauls in some lead marinaded gangmeat. 

A hush falls over those gangers closest to the body and as they part to let you through you see why; it is the mortal meatus of their senoir leiutenent. Rodez the leader turns to you an unspoken appeal for aid in his eyes..... 

wire ribbon

 The first of you on the scene is bra Jimbo who bear hugs the youngest ganger to stop him rushing outside into certain death. Stakers quickly picks up on the idea and moves to stop the rest of the gang from rushing the doors. At a word from Rodez the frission eases and he as Stakers move towards the bar, soon to be lead to the backrooms by Silent Bob.

 Meanwhile in the main room Mazzy secures the bars front gates and directs the crowd on how to upend the tables to use as hardened shields. 

Mon. Piert shakes his head sadly and prepares to deliver the last rights one more time too many.....as he intones the sacred words he starts to shake slowly at first and then faster at the same time his words seem to fade in and out and every time they come back from further away. Shortly he grabs the body and sparks jump across the studded leather. A larger bolt causes Piert to slump briefly after which he burbles at the air directly above the corpse. Later some swear that the smokey air of the bar seemed to form the ghostly image of a naked boy......but silent Bob's Margarittas have been known to have that effect.

 This way the light...for Piert Only

 Stakers soon finds that Bob's backrooms contain more surveillance hardware than most banks. Using it the Trog boyz crude but effective ambush positions are soon spotted. Stakers endless quest for the perfect plan however nearly causes the trog boyz to abandon the scene, Rodez hwoever cuts him short and thanks him for his invaluable advice before directing his troops to take to the roof while the fastest four flank the trogz positions.

 Just as the first gangers deploy Piert stumbles to his feet and warns that the trogz have even heavier gear than before claiming this as the word of God above; the gangers advance with caution,

 Pierts words are soon prved true as the sounds of Assault rifle fire shreds the remaining silence.

 The foreknowledge of ambush is the hammer with which the razzers smash the trogz into street pizza. The closing shots are exchanged under the cover of approaching sirens.

Story so far....


Created: 1 July, 1997 | Updated: 20 February 2000
© 2000 Skabo